Weight Control – The ‘Whole-Brain and Holistic’ Approach

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Advertisements for weight less programmes are everywhere aren’t they?

It’s a big business – usually offering a ‘quick fix’ to the years of heartache caused by excess weight, and ill-health.

The implicit message in these is ‘loose weight using our method or product(s) and you will be seen as a better person.’

It’s little wonder that so many people regain their lost weight and revert to their former state – including celebrities who have been endorsing the products/scheme/method – because they haven’t unearthed the real reasons underlying their problem!

What really causes obesity? Why is the weight so difficult to shift?

There are many more causes than simply eating too much and exercising too little – and a whole-brain approach includes these other contributory factors as well as offering natural (and free) methods to rebalance the body and regulate our weight.

In counselling therapy the client’s focus might be upon how they feel about being fat; the effect upon their relationships; their childhood memories of comfort-eating; parental neglect; perhaps bullying, or sexual abuse – which may have made them want to hide under layers of fat as an emotional buffer, and to avoid further sexual advances.

The client wants to offload the weight of their suppressed feelings, and as a therapist I have to be mindful of not overfeeding them with information and guidance, but instead to offer tit-bits to be savoured and properly digested.

In the four-hour workshop from ‘The Ripple Effect’ Process called ‘How To Balance Your Mind Body And Weight’ our focus is upon exposing the many causes of obesity. We also share the information and understanding to bring about the necessary changes we desire. We look at our relationship with our body as well as with food, and how to change these with a new awareness and energised focus.

We consider supplements and lifestyle changes that squash sugar cravings, rebalance the hormones and also help to balance the brain – which is the organ at the core of someone’s obesity problem.

A whole-brain and holistic approach of ‘The Ripple Effect’ Process also encompasses a sharing of experiences and support within a small safe group.

One-to-one counselling  (particularly the type which simply listens and repeats back what the client says; or those methods which focus solely upon someone’s childhood or their thought processes, or their spirituality or creativity, or any of the other narrowly-focused counselling styles), doesn’t reach the depth needed to fully understand someone’s personal, neurological, and hormonal/biological reasons for being overweight or obese, let alone provide the information and tools necessary to make actual long-lasting change. 

There may always be a lucrative business market for weight loss products and classes – but with increased self-awareness and knowledge we can discover the best way to re-balance our own minds, bodies and weight –  and I certainly don’t mean by using weight-loss clubs, food replacement drinks or counting calories!


By Maxine Harley (Msc Integrative Psychotherapy) www.maxineharley.com      www.the-ripple-effect.co.uk         www.qpp.uk.com

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