Understanding Yourself


sub personalities

Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are?

Why do you behave as you do – particularly when that behaviour seems so ‘out of character’?

Do you want to get to know and understand yourself before you become a parent?

Are you curious about what makes other people ‘tick’ too?

We’ve all been ‘shaped’ by our genetics, pre-natal circumstances, and the upbringing and experiences we’ve had – as well as the meaning we have given to those events, and how we’ve let them affect us.

You owe it to yourself, to your partner, family, friends and colleagues to find out what makes you ‘tick’, and to make any changes necessary to enhance your relationship with yourself – and to see these changes form a ‘ripple effect’ spreading out to all of your other relationships too.

In this workshop you will have the chance to really work on getting to know yourself, understand the effect that your history has had upon you, and the effects of your own family ‘system’ upon your identity.

You will also explore and expand your self-awareness and emotional intelligence, and take responsibility for shaping your future on your own terms – and becoming all you can be… the best version of yourself!



Lesson 1 – Who am I?

Lesson 2 – Personality Development/Self-Concept/Child development

Lesson 3 – Attachments

Lesson 4 – The Family System/Shame

Lesson 5 – Roles/Life-Script/Strokes/Games/Drivers/Rackets/Life Positions

Lesson 6 – Self-Awareness

Lesson 7 – Emotional Intelligence

Lesson 8 – My personal needs and goals


  ONLY £27 – That’s less than the cost of one counselling session!





Self help and personal development to help you to find yourself and show yourself compassion