Understanding Relationships


RelationshipsRelationships – what a minefield!

And what fertile ground for really growing as a person and as a couple.

Do relationships confuse and unsettle you? Do you avoid them?

Have you noticed a pattern in your relationships – and not a good one?

Do you ‘change’ when in relationship, and lose sight of who you are and your own needs?

We are all in relationships of one type or another, some enrich us, others seem to be a constant drain and a challenge to our well-being.

The relationships we ‘choose’ can only ever be a reflection of the deeper aspects of ourselves.

Our relationships are vital to us and yet we rarely have any idea why we are even in them, what the ‘deal’ is, or how we can improve them.

In this workshop we will be looking at many such factors including the reasons and motivations behind some of our relationships; our styles of attachment and intimacy; attraction and compatibility; types of love; as well as the stages and hurdles in intimate relationships…and even how our brain affects our relationships!




Lesson 1 – Definitions and clarity about relationships

Lesson 2 – Attachment styles and brain functioning – and their effects upon relationships

Lesson 3 – Intimacy

Lesson 4 – Differentiation and self-validation

Lesson 5 – Love and attraction

Lesson 6 – Compatibility

Lesson 7 – Stages in relationships

Lesson 8 – Relational needs and future goals


  ONLY £27 – That’s less than the cost of one counselling session!





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