Understanding Depression


depressionMore and more people from all walks of life are finding out first-hand how debilitating depression can be, and the extent to which it reduces their enjoyment of  life –  as well as the effects it has upon everyone else around them.

Do you suffer from some form of depression – which robs you of your vitality, optimism and hope?

Maybe you are the parent or partner of someone suffering with depression, and you feel powerless to help them or to know what to do or say that might help.

There are several causes and types of depression and in this workshop – with four audio recordings – we will learn much more about the ‘black dog’ as it has been called; and also explore effective ways in which it can be lifted and shifted.

You will learn natural methods of raising your energy and mood, as well as finding out ways to combat the ongoing problem of depression and stop it from overshadowing your life.




1. Defining Depression – and looking at symptoms and statistics

2. The types, or manifestations of Depression

3. Causes of Depression

4. Treatments available – chemical and natural

5. Some self-reflective exercises and questions 


  ONLY £27 – That’s less than the cost of one counselling session!








Find help and treatment for the symptoms and effects of depression.