Understanding Anxiety


anxietyWe all know ‘anxiety’ in some form. A little can be a good thing, and has been shown to have ‘survival value’; but for too many people the high levels of anxiety they experience are anything but helpful.

In fact their lives are restricted by too much anxiety and an overworking emotional (Limbic)  area of the brain. This shows itself  in phobias, panic attacks, social anxiety, compulsions, insomnia and psychosomatic problems.

If you struggle with high levels of anxiety, or you know someone who does, then help is at hand!

In this workshop – with four audio recordings –  we will look at not only causes and types of anxiety, but more importantly the effective treatments for anxiety disorders – which will then have a dramatic effect upon the quality of life.




1. Types and symptoms of anxiety

2. Causes of anxiety

3. Definitions and descriptions of anxiety

4. Treatments and methods to reduce anxiety


  ONLY £27 – That’s less than the cost of one counselling session!




Discover how to manage and find effective treatment for anxiety disorders and put an end to your anxiety symptoms and anxiety attacks