Understanding Anger


AngerAnger can be a useful emotion –  if we can express it properly – because  it helps us to defend ourselves, our property and those we care about.

However it can also be toxic – when it erupts and destroys trust, respect and hope; or it generates fear in others or damage to property.

Do you find that you are angry for no apparent reason?

Has your family or partner told you that you have an anger management problem?

Maybe you just feel churned up with frustration, resentment or guilt and dare not let it all out – for fear of the consequences.

Anger can cover up and hide our deeper and more unpleasant feelings of shame and despair, and so we show our anger instead of what’s really going on for us.

If not exposed, understood, soothed and properly expressed anger will be shown inappropriately – often with very negative consequences.

In this workshop – with four audio recordings – you will learn a lot about anger; the different and appropriate levels of anger for a given situation; safe ways to show these levels; how to deal with angry people; and how to calm yourself down when you feel yourself becoming ‘too wound up’.




1. Defining Anger – Causes & Expressions

2. How to Understand & Manage Anger

3. Reflective Exercises


  ONLY £27 – That’s less than the cost of one counselling session!







Discover how to manage your anger issues and anger problems to bring you a calmer, happier life