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When’s the last time you felt in good health? Maybe like me your energy has steadily declined over the years – we all expect that to happen. What we don’t expect is for our health to be damaged by what we eat and drink – assuming we do this in moderation of course. Recent articles (see show us just how much we are being assaulted by the cocktail of chemicals and poisons that we are exposed to…even in our so-called ‘healthy’ food options. No matter how health-conscious you are, your health, energy, vitality and longevity are being severely compromised…..and you’re paying for it with more than your life….you’re spending money to become ill!

What you consume, and digest/assimilate, is a real indicator of not only your physical and mental health, but also of your relationship with your body. How you nourish, respect, value and support your body tells the world what you think and feel about yourself. I’m not talking about the ‘ fake you’ – all covered up with cosmetics, designer labels and bling- jewellery; I mean the natural warts-and-all, real and good-enough you. We are all, thankfully, imperfect (that’s just one of the many things we all have in common) but we differ in how we take care of ourselves, and how much awareness we have of our own bodies.

What is going on in your left leg now as you read this? How about your right elbow? The middle of your back? At any given time your sub-conscious mind is bombarded with sensory information – too much for you to cope with or even to ‘notice’, and that’s fine. It only becomes ‘not fine’ when we then choose to further disregard, ignore or otherwise block-out from our awareness, what state our bodies are in; and we may even go as far as to treat our own body with disrespect, contempt and even loathing.

The state of your health, weight, energy levels, thoughts, moods and perceptions, hormones and digestion are all influenced by what is ‘coming-in’ from the outside of you, and also by what you generate from inside of yourself  too – mainly from the type of thoughts you frequently have. You/we are composed mainly of empty space with a few chemical and electro-magnetic reactions going on. Everything you think, feel, say and do affects this. No-one else can make you feel better, or ‘worth-it’,  in the long term – despite what the glossy adverts might have you believe. However we can all benefit from some impartial educational input, self-understanding, guidance and skills learning to be able to shift our relationship with ourselves, and to shift the excess weight, and to stop poisoning ourselves with junk food/thoughts/images.

If you want to have a better balance between your body, brain, mind and weight then a really good place to start would be to spend four hours of your time, and only a few pounds, attending a module entitled ‘How to balance your mind, body and weight’ from ‘The Ripple Effect’ Process. It’s time to stop focussing on quick fixes, fake-foods, marketing hype, and cheap gimmicks. Instead, it’s time to nurture the little child you once were who still lives inside you…and become your own wise and loving parent, and to develop a new healthy, affirming relationship with your own body and with your chosen future. Why wait?

Maxine Harley

Maxine Harley

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