TERMS AND CONDITIONS – for affiliate sales of Maxine Harley’s digital Intellectual Property.

This sets out the basis of our agreement for you to market and sell my products for which you have already received my acceptance of you as an affiliate.

It is necessary for you to have read and agreed these terms and conditions before proceeding to become an affiliate seller of my digital products.

This does not imply any business set up between us. You and I are not business partners. You are selling my products for a commission fee only.

The affiliate seller agrees: –

Your Account

Please keep your login details safe and secure and do not share your password with anyone. If you wish to terminate your account at any time, please email me directly at office@therippleeffect.co.uk and commissions owed to you will be settled 60 days after termination.

You are responsible for any taxes on the income received from the sale of my products.

You are able to promote my products under this agreement to an unlimited geographical audience. The online workshops, courses and programmes are for sale to adults only (aged 18 and above) and the affiliate seller will abide by this and not sell the products to a minor.

You must not infringe the copyright or intellectual property, or imply or state that the products are yours, or that they belong to anyone other than Maxine Harley.

You will not do anything to diminish the rights of the owner, Maxine Harley, nor assist any other person to do so, either directly or indirectly.

There are no limits upon the number of sales you can make or the total amount you can receive in commission from Maxine Harley. Commission is paid at 50% of the product price.


Commission is paid at 50% of the product price unless otherwise stated.

Maxine Harley has no responsibility for the business standards of an affiliate seller. It is agreed that any complaints made about the affiliate seller are passed on to Maxine Harley for her information only.

Maxine Harley is not responsible for anyone else’s products or services sold by the affiliate seller.

Your affiliate commission cookie life is 21 days from the potential customer clicking on your affiliate link, unless the customer clears all cookies from their browsers during this time. If the customer purchases within the 21-day cookie limit the commissions will be awarded to your account.

You will receive an email each time a commission is awarded to you and can check the status of your account at any time by logging in and viewing your account.

All commissions are paid via PayPal so you must include a valid PayPal account email address when you register for your affiliate account.

Online customers can legally cancel a product purchase within 7 days. Maxine’s products are in digital format and available instantly in downloadable format. Her own e-commerce Terms & Conditions state that there are therefore no refunds due – unless in exceptional circumstances and at her discretion. Affiliate accounts are set to remove commissions due from products purchased via your affiliate links, this will happen automatically and will be available to view in your affiliate account.

Commissions will be paid on or around the 21st of each month subject to normal business working days (for the purpose of which is Monday to Friday 9-5pm).

The minimum commission level for pay-out is £50, any commissions owed to you that are below this amount will rollover to the following payment period.

The payment period is from the 1st day of the previous calendar month to the last day of the same calendar month. For example:

1st-30th April will be paid on or around the 30th May

1st-31st September will be paid on or around the 30th October.

In the event of any returns or refunds Maxine Harley is not liable for any costs incurred by the buyer of affiliate seller.

By signing up to the “The Ripple Effect Process Affiliate Programme” you confirm that you are happy with the above terms and conditions set out above.

Maxine Harley

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