How To Destress Your Life


STRESSEver wondered what stress is doing to your mind and body?

We all need a little stress to keep us motivated, but in today’s world we can easily become bombarded with it, and feel totally overwhelmed!

Stress affects every cell of our bodies – for the worse.

It’s said that around 90% of physical ailments are caused by stress and its effects upon our lives…so it’s time you throttled stress before it throttles you!

In this workshop we look at the types, causes and effects of stress and more than that there are methods and audio tracks to help you to take back control of your mind and body –  and to de-stress your life.

There’s not a moment to lose!



1. What IS stress, and WHY we need to control it

2. Signs and effects of stress

3. Personal stress triggers

4. How to manage and control stress


  ONLY £27 – That’s less than the cost of one counselling session!



Find out about the causes of stress and how to reduce and manage your stress and how to get relief from the affects of stress