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If you are snowed-in today and stuck indoors alone what are you making of it? Do you see it as a blessing or a curse? Whatever you create ‘out-there’ in your life can only ever be a reflection of what you carry ‘in-here’ – in the deeper levels of your ‘self’.

Will you be bored and looking for someone to ‘relate’ with, albeit virtually by using text or social media? Will you make a Skype call – to avoid being by yourself? Perhaps you will get busy with ‘jobs’ and your  ‘to-do’ list; and fill any silence with loud music or the background drone of the television.

What would it be like for you to be alone in silence? Would you welcome it or dread it? Your response to this question is a reflection of your relationship with yourself….and how much you value your own company.

What type of dialogue do you have with yourself? Is it optimistic, upbeat, positive, and self-affirming; or is it the opposite – the type of head-heckling that drains your energy, makes you feel sad, resentful or angry; that spins you around until your thoughts make you dizzy and your body feels sick with it all?

The relationship you have with yourself affects the way in which you relate to everyone else – from your own children to a casual acquaintance….you create your own ‘Ripple Effect’ around you and it starts with you!

Only you can put your head under the water and take on the task of clearing out the debris and rubbish that  has been dumped down there….only you can change the ways in which you speak to yourself….only you who can make the changes you want and need….and only you who has the courage to take the steps needed to do this.

Help is at hand… don’t have to go delving around in the murky depths of your soul to dredge up everything that ‘lies beneath’….that’s not necessary…..and  months or years of therapy might not be necessary either!

The modules of ‘TREP’ offer you a guiding hand…to understanding yourself, to regulating your emotions and moods, to balancing your body chemistry and health, to having better relationships, to being more confident and assertive, to being happier… play and have fun – which was your natural state before the rubbish was dumped into your life.

Be your best ‘you’, and send out your best ripples…..reflect out  to others your better relationship with yourself – whatever the weather!

Maxine Harley

Maxine Harley

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