Why is it called ‘The Ripple Effect’ Process?

Over the last 20 years I often heard myself using this term in my psychotherapy work with clients, couples and small groups. As we change then we affect those around us.

We know from scientific studies and research that we are all made of energy, and that energy can’t be destroyed, only changed.

Our thoughts, feelings, intentions and behaviours have a significant effect upon both our own mind and body – but also that of others too. This energy ‘ripples’ through and between us all.

Why do you call it a ‘Whole-Brain’ and ‘Holistic’ approach?

Existing therapeutic approaches only focus upon the area or aspect of their client they consider to be the problem.

This may be the cognitive/language left-side region of the brain; or the artistic, creative, body-memory area of the right-side of the brain. Or perhaps the focus will be upon expressing your emotions, or on telling your life-story, or maybe it will focus upon your body and its posture and movements. There are hundreds of different theoretical approaches available and they each offer a client just their own ‘one set of tools’.

One size does not fit all! If you were to take your car to a garage for a full service you’d want a mechanic with more than just a spanner available! If you were renovating a house you’d want a contractor with more than just a paintbrush! If you were going to see your doctor you’d want him/her to have more than just a stethoscope!

‘The Ripple Effect’ Process works with all the areas of the brain, and will actually change your brain for the better through learning and acquiring new self-help skills.

TREP is also ‘holistic’ because it works with all aspects of the person and in many different ways, and it includes nutritional and lifestyle help; visualisation and meditation, movement and fun!

Why not have therapy instead?

Many people will never even consider having therapy – even though they may need it, and other people around them wish they would have it!

Some people avoid therapy because they fear having their ‘true’ self exposed, and of feeling vulnerable, or of becoming emotional in front of someone else; or of becoming dependant upon a therapist, or of being exploited and ‘stuck’ in months or years of expensive weekly therapy sessions.

Some people can’t even imagine their life free of the masks and roles they play out each day, and they dare not look any deeper into themselves. Instead they may ‘self-medicate’ to numb their emotional pain, or distract themselves with material things or dramas.

Finding the right person to work with can also be daunting! It’s a bit of a ‘needle-in-a-haystack’ scenario. There are now many tens of thousands of counsellors, psychotherapists and coaches out there, but who do you choose and why?

The modules of TREP will help you to understand your difficulties and give you some ways to change them. You may not need months of expensive meandering counselling therapy or coaching – instead you may need information, understanding, and some new skills with which to improve your life.

A module from ‘The Ripple Effect’ Process may open up something for you that you would like to explore more deeply one-to-one – and I offer women the option of working with me online using either Skype or Zoom – at an additional charge.

You can book in a free 15 minute Clarity Call to discuss this with me HERE


If I run my own counselling therapy, coaching or training workshops can I use the material from ‘The Ripple Effect’ Process?

No. The material and format is the intellectual property of Maxine Harley.

It cannot be used by anyone other than the purchaser of an online workshop FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL USE ONLY.

For more information please e-mail office@the-ripple-effect.co.uk

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