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We all have our own physical, psychological and emotional limits – although some adrenalin-thrill-and-challenge-seekers test and extend theirs regularly. Many people chose to stay safe in their proverbial ‘comfort zone’ to ensure that they are not challenged by any new and potentially growthful experiences.

Self-styled gurus advise us to ‘live without limits’, but in the three-dimensional world we inhabit, along with billions of others, we must surely have respectful limits on our behaviour.

In recent months the UK media has been regularly topped-up with ever diluted ‘news’ of well-known people such as entertainers and actors having been accused of showing little or no restraint or limits regarding their alleged sexualised activities towards young people and children. Interestingly, unless someone is profoundly mentally ill, they do have and can exercise their own limits – but their own limits might extended beyond what most other people think and feel is reasonable, acceptable and of course legal. Even paedophiles will declare that ‘I might do this…but I’d never do that’; although what ‘that’ is has been known to change as they become indifferent to one level of arousal and seek something else that was previously ‘taboo’ to them.

Kidnappers, rapists, paedophiles and murderers all still have their own limits, and they attempt to ‘get away with’ behaviours that the rest of us would either never even consider or we would be too afraid of the consequences. Such abusive and self-focussed people must then have limits legally imposed upon their physical freedom and their ability to carry out further abuse of anyone else… although they are of course still at liberty to desire, think and plan further limitless behaviours after their own release from captivity – assuming that they were charged, prosecuted and imprisoned according to the law. Celebrity status and nepotism is no longer a sanctuary for such abusers, even if certain lifestyles, tribal/gang customs and an inept police force do still allow some terrible cover ups and for crimes to go unexamined and unpunished.

For the large majority (thank goodness!) of the rest of us, we may set our limits just about right for our own personal, social and professional circumstances, and then our goals and ambitions tend to fit and accommodate the people around us.

Until we routinely (and safely) scan the brains of our children and adolescents we cannot know how many ticking time-bombs there are out in our society ready and waiting for their own trigger to unleash their ‘craziness’ upon even more innocent victims.

However, despite not committing such criminal acts, many other people have personal limits which might still be too tight or too loose as a result of their upbringing and later circumstances; and who could benefit from Psycho-Emotional-Education from ‘The Ripple Effect Process (a programme which is definitely not suited to the profoundly mentally ill, psychopathic, sociopathic, or cruel/aggressive/violent members of society, for whom psychiatric help would be more appropriate).

By Maxine Harley (Msc)

Maxine Harley

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