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When we chose to remain in the dark, and ignorant of what lies outside our own self-imposed dungeon, we rob ourselves of the light and energy that come from new knowledge and wisdom.If we aren’t curious about ourselves what else is there, as intriguing, to be curious about?

Some people focus upon the trivia, gossip and minutiae of life as a way of avoiding looking at themselves; others busy themselves taking care of the needs of others’ whilst ignoring their own needs; others may distract themselves from the pain of enquiry with lots of activities or even substance dependence; and others become engulfed in their own negative thinking patterns and suffocating moods. Where’s the vibrancy, attractiveness or use in any of that?

You are the only person who will never leave you so you might as well learn how to get along and even to like, respect and become best friends with yourself.There is so much that you could unearth about yourself, your past experiences – and more importantly the meanings you have given to these – which have in turn affected your motivation, your choices, and ultimately your level of happiness and success. Self-knowledge is empowering and it should therefore be important enough for you to want to find out more about who you are, and why. We all need the right opportunity for this to happen and to have a sensitive and guiding nudge in the right direction – and Psycho-Emotional-Education provides this.

Many people fear that they may find out something that would rock-the-boat of their comfortable predictable lives – I say “get that boat rocking”! You may only be living out a small part of your full potential.

If you don’t look you’ll never see and you’ll never be all that you could be!

Admittedly your sub-conscious mind set (which I call your SCRIPT – Sub-Conscious Rules Influencing Present Time – in my soon to be published book Into Minds – An introduction to Quantum Psyche Process) is running the show of your life over 90% of the time….doesn’t that intrigue you?

Do other people interest you too? They fascinate me!

Only this weekend I’ve been watching an amazing speech by a charismatic and influential  animal rights activist called Gary Yourofsky, and a video called Earthlings. They have both had a profound impact upon me and have brought about significant change and greater awareness in me – despite the horrific subject matter. If we don’t take the risk of letting in the light – with some discernment it has to be said – we cannot become illuminated by the experiences, insight, knowledge and wisdom of those further along the way.

I felt physically sick, furious, and traumatised (see my blog today 10/2/13 on www.maxineharley.com) but I have to admit…..I was also curious. How could someone wilfully inflict terrible pain and suffering on another living being. Why couldn’t I do it? What was so different between me and the abattoir workers? Why would it be physically impossible for me to stamp on a calf’s head, or beat-up a cow, or maim a chicken or piglet? There must be something that makes this behaviour unthinkable to me yet ‘sport’ to someone else. There can only be one answer. The brain. Our brains are shaped by our experiences and beliefs and they can be reshaped by new learning, empathy training, trauma resolution, and regaining the innate human capacity for care, interest in others, respect, compassion and the desire to alleviate another’s suffering, and from simple acts of kindness. But first comes awareness. Awareness of what we do or allow others to do in our name. Awareness of our own power to make changes to the way things are, and to share our powerful knowledge and create a ‘RIPPLE EFFECT’ out into the world. When we clear away the crap from our lives we also change the way our brain, mind and body work. We can then generate a healthy positive ripple out to others, who are in turn affected by this and start to change themselves. It starts with one person – it could, and should, be you!

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