How To Be Happier


happinessHow happy are you?

Does that vary much each day?

Is your happiness dependent upon other people or events?

Did you know that you can make a difference to 40% of your happiness level?

We all want to be happier. There has been some very useful scientific research done in recent years looking at what really enhances our overall levels of happiness.

This has been further supported by an approach called  ‘Positive Psychology’ – and in workshop you will understand more about how to apply this to your own life.

The pursuit of happiness becomes a spiritual journey too – reaching beyond the everyday material comforts and finding what brings you deeper contentment and meaning.

In this workshop you can learn what is in your power to change, and how to do just that!



Lesson 1 – Introduction/Quotes/Positive Psychology/Definitions

Lesson 2 – The 40% Solution/Happiness Enhancing Activities/ Gratitude

Lesson 3 – Optimism and Hope

Lesson 4 – Over-thinking and social comparisons

Lesson 5 – Coping and Goals

Lesson 6 – Kindness and nurturing relationships

Lesson 7 – Living in the ‘now’ – and spirituality

Lesson 8 – Ways to sustain happiness


  ONLY £27 – That’s less than the cost of one counselling session!








Defining happiness and what it takes to feel happier in life…find out what makes you happy and how to hold on to your happiness