How To Balance Your Mind, Body & Weight


fit-weightHave you been following the diets, counting the calories, totting up the points or knocking back the liquid meals – but you’re still fat?

You’re not alone!

Did you realise the crucial part that your brain and hormones – not to mention many external factors – play in your weight control problems?

Did you know about the ‘enemies within’ your body that are keeping you fat for a reason?

It is said that you are what you eat; but more than that, you are what you don’t eat.

Some good news is that you are what you ‘think and expect’ too.

There are very many causes of imbalances in your body, mind and weight; and in this workshop – with four audio recordings – we will be looking at these, as well as finding out ways to change and become re-balanced, and regain a healthier mind and body.

This is definitely not about any particular form of dieting, but it WILL make a big difference to your relationship to your own body and how you nourish it.



1. Reasons for being overweight

2. Interesting facts – lots of them!

3. The brain and the body

4. Measuring your stats                                     

5. Eating consciously


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