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Over the last 20 years or so I’ve met too many people who’ve had months or even years of meandering and expensive counselling, and yet they still had their anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, patterns of dysfunctional relationships, and self-abuse.

I’ve also had many clients myself who have wanted to know why they had their own particular problems; and was this ‘normal’ (based upon their own set of circumstances – not that I think there is any such thing as ‘normal’ anyway…instead I would use the term ‘only to be expected’); and what they could do about it: and what a new and better way of behaving and relating to themselves and others might actually be, and feel, like for them. They often said that they didn’t want to study A-level psychology or to undertake counselling training themselves, and yet there seemed no other way of educating themselves to know how they and others ‘tick’.

I carried out some amateur research and unearthed the main difficulties that people had with even attending counselling and psychotherapy, and what they would prefer to have instead or as an ‘add-on’. This is why and how the idea of what I have termed Psycho-Emotional-Education came to me a few years ago, and ‘The Ripple Effect’ Process was gradually created and has been refined since then. TREP offers a brief, inexpensive and yet still very effective means of getting psychological, emotional and physical help. It works with the whole person in a ‘whole-brain‘ and holistic way – and not just the areas of their brain functioning (and consequently their experience of life) that they are having problems with, such as their emotions, memories, body trauma, thoughts or behaviours. Everything affects everything else, and in my experience working with just the presenting issue and changing the surface layer only results in the underlying causes (the deeper wounds) showing themselves in another way – for instance the self-harmer who stops goughing at her body only to develop anorexia.

I created TREP to de-mystify therapy and to help people learn how they can improve their lives in many ways. TREP has had great feedback from public – they want more of it!

The only sticking point that still remains for me is in encouraging more counsellors to become licensees and to make the modules of TREP available to the public in their local area – and to thereby offer people more value and choice than just counselling alone; as well as giving people the opportunity to learn and change within a small safe group (maximum of six adults). This will entail both business and ethical choices for counsellors – to offer someone four hours in a workshop with lots of information and help, for about the same price as just one hour of counselling; or to keep certain clients (who would benefit from P-E-E from TREP) coming back to them each week and spending much more money. I suspect that this may be the reason why more counsellors haven’t taken up licenses with TREP, and if so, that might certainly be a cause for professional concern. TREP has been shown to pay for itself and promotes, enhances and expands a counselling or psychotherapy business and its services. I hope that by sharing my purpose and dream that some like-minded counsellors /psychotherapists will join me and offer the public a much needed and wanted new approach – one that is brief, inexpensive and yet effective; and which allows the module attendees to belong within a small group people on a similar path.

I have had to become much clearer about the personal and professional qualities that I seek in a licensee, and to ensure that they are both comfortable and confident in promoting themselves and their services to the public…something that has had to change in the 21st century where we reach many more prospective clients, and start to build relationships, by using the internet – rather than still only using the marketing and promotional methods that worked for us 20 years ago.

As we learn about  how to clear out the mud from the bottom of our our personal ‘pond’ (the deeper toxic mud of the subconscious mind can now be cleared up using Quantum Psyche Process see, and stop anyone from dumping more mud in there, and filter and clarify the water of our thinking process, and learn how to keep the surface of our pond smooth and calm …then we can send out our best, most positive and effective ripples which impact the lives of others. We just need the right guidance on how to get that right, and the right environment to allow this to happen, so that we can then continue to make great ripples of our own!

By Maxine Harley (Msc) Integrative Psychotherapy




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