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I’ve been feeling stressed lately – because I have so much to do to implement my newly acquired business skills and to promote not only ‘The Ripple Effect’ Process but also my new approach to well-being called Quantum Psyche Process. My ‘to-do’ list doesn’t seem to ever get any shorter as new jobs are constantly being added to it. This has made me have to ‘pause’ and focus upon my busy and relentless schedule, and how to manage my time and energy better and hopefully avoid becoming any more grumpy and impatient…not just for my own sake!

I’ve think that we all have at least four ‘minds’ and five ‘brains’- and that’s a lot to calm down! We have a conscious focussed mind, a conscious unfocussed mind, a subconscious mind and a creative intuitive mind. We also have five aspects of our brain all contained in the one organ. These are; a lower primitive brain, a middle emotional brain, a higher intelligent brain, a left-sided brain (which deals with our understanding, learning, thinking process, expression/assertiveness and rationality), and a right-sided brain (which enables us to create imagery and understand metaphors, and it has deeply ingrained links to our childhood conditioning and memories), and they all have their own functions that interconnect and can compensate for deficits elsewhere.

Few of us are aware of just how powerful our minds and brains are, and we don’t know what power we have at our disposal or how best to use it.

I want here to consider the conscious mind, and how we can ‘control’ it without the need for months of therapy or spending hundreds of pounds/dollars!

We need to understand what is going on when we are emotionally over-aroused, and unable to think or function properly.

When we have the relevant information and understanding, we can then make best use of it by reflecting upon, and relating it to, our own circumstances, and finally by integrating our new awareness and skills into our lives to bring about necessary changes.

We have all acquired an emotional ‘default’ position that we return to under stress and we need to know how to alter this setting so that we can live a more balanced life that enables us to see a different perspective and to take different action and create new positive habits.

The negative emotions we experienced within our family, compounded by any other traumas – whether emotional or physical – can keep the emotional (or ‘Limbic’) part of our brain too highly aroused and hyper-alert, and it constantly looks around for any more possible threats.

To be able to calm down and think straight we must learn to treat ourselves as if we were our own soothing parent – whether or not we’ve had a nurturing and soothing mother or father in reality.

This begins with changing our physiology…which involves noticing and directing our breathing, slowing it down and extending the outgoing breath; and of noticing who we are in the pause between each breath. We then shift the focus to our physical body and it’s sensations, and then to emptying the mind and making it ‘still’ – free from distracting thoughts, inner nagging, judging, planning or any other mental business.

We need more that just a quick fix technique – of which there are many around. What works best is integrating new learning and skills into our daily lives and using them to sustain our inner balance and calmness, even in the face of stress and distress. Finding and maintaining your inner core of tranquillity will keep your dinghy floating on calm waters as it creates a smooth and soothing ripple effect which spreads out and touches everyone it meets…with much more impact than a jet-ski or powerboat ever could have!

So… with ‘five brains and four minds in one’, we need a comprehensive ‘whole-brain’ approach to our psychological, emotional and physical well-being that reaches and utilises all of these aspects to bring about lasting change.

The four-hour workshop from ‘The Ripple Effect’ Process called ‘How To Calm Down And Think Straight’ offers this.


By Maxine Harley (Msc)


Maxine Harley

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