Our anger is usually linked to our fears and the perceived threats to our well-being in some way; although it can also be a cover-up for our deeper sadness. Anger shows itself in a range of ways, from the bottled-up and internalised anger that can harm you both physically and emotionally, through to the out-of-control rage—which can understandably induce fear and anger in other people too.

We do need the ability to be angry and to show this at those times when we need to protect what matters to us; but what we don’t want is to be like a volcano ready to erupt at even the slightest provocation. Anger has been necessary for our survival since primitive times, for instance if our camp were under attack and our tribe were being threatened with rape and death, we needed our anger and rage to energise us to fight and protect ourselves. Our anger quickly energises and empowers us and if we can learn to be its master, and to show it appropriately, it will be a useful ally against future threats.

Bashing cushions and screaming at the moon will not help you to understand, regulate or balance your anger.

Instead, in this workshop module you will find out how to calmly get back into the driving seat of your life and to take your foot off the anger pedal; to change to a lower gear and to cruise along admiring the scenery and enjoying the journey. You can then also teach others by example, how to be more calm, realistic, considerate and compassionate too.


Understanding Anger

Maxine Harley

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