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What could life be like if it was created and experienced by us in a ‘whole-brain’ way?

Of course we all have a brain, and most of us have a complete or whole one – but it’s how we use it that counts!

We all show a dominance for functioning from a different region of our brain. A few people such as Leonardo de Vinci and Albert Einstein actually operate from a whole-brain perspective and thereby bring about real change and paradigm shifts in the world.

Our more dominant brain regions determine our preferences, values, strengths and weaknesses, how we interpret the world and how we live in it.

Imagine now a walnut in its shell. As the shell is opened into two halves you can see the four parts of the whole nut. Each part has its own smaller-nut qualities and differences which make up the complete walnut.

When referring to the brain I’d call these four parts:- (1)Detail – (2)System – (3)Connect – (4)Concepts; because these are their primary focus.

We also have within our whole brain areas that have evolved from our earliest ‘reptilian/survival’ brain, our ‘Limbic/emotional’ brain, and our ‘self-conscious neo-cortex’ too. There’s a lot going on in a whole brain!

Very briefly and simplistically, Left-brain-dominant people are comfortable with details and organised systems, whereas right-brain-dominant people are naturally empathic, friendly open-minded and they see ‘the bigger picture’.

The area that you are usually dominant in will be reflected in many aspects of your life such as:

The way you decorate your home (when you are able to follow your own personal taste).

The design and features of your self-created garden.

The hobbies and pastimes you choose and enjoy.

The car you choose to buy (even allowing for your budget)

The holidays you choose and what you’ll want to do when you’re there.

The clothes you instinctively wear and how you present yourself to the world (although you may have to adapt and fit into what is expected of you by family members, teachers or employers).

The type of work you are attracted to and can feel passionate about.

The way in which you approach and solve problems.

The way in which you learn new information and how you remember it.

Your emotional literacy and intelligence.

Your choice of friends and partners.

The ways in which you bring up your children and influence the next generation


A whole-brain approach to life – and, in my particular personal and professional interest, to holistic therapeutic well-being – makes the most of all of a person’s attributes and improves any areas that are underused. We learn to combine our LEFT-BRAIN (1) materialistic, rational, analytical, factual, traditional, critical and articulate brain functioning area, with our (2) ordered, organized, structured, and common-sense area; with our RIGHT-BRAIN (3) creative, empathic, warm and friendly, spiritual, social area; with our (4) exploring, visualising, imaginative, insightful and big-picture thinking area. What a combination we all potentially have!


BUT JUST IMAGINE…if we all lived with a whole-brain approach to politics and government (and no more left-wing=right brain, or right-wing=left-brain dichotomy); to law and order; to educating our children to also become whole-brained members of a whole-brained society; to our parenting style; to our health-care system; to immigration and racial integration; and to business in general. The changes would be astounding and the benefits enormous! That would indeed be a massively positive ‘Ripple Effect’ throughout society, and ultimately the world.


This blog post feels like my most important, significant, relevant and far-reaching so far (at least in terms of topic if not actual readership) because it represents my ‘mission’ and passion and the ‘why’ I spend so many hours every day promoting my ideas and purpose. My next blogs on this site will have the ‘whole-brain and holistic’ focus – because I’m a passionate advocate for this new approach to well-being – which is why I’ve created ‘The Ripple Effect’ Process and Quantum Psyche Process.

The conception, creation and implementation of these two new approaches (Psycho-Emotional-Education © and Revising the Subconscious ‘SCRIPT’ © beliefs) show my own whole-brain way of thinking and working…using different parts of my brain which each have their own skills and competencies to offer to the mix.

The 12 modules (workshops and short groups) of TREP offer a new whole-brain and holistic approach to personal understanding, self-control/regulation, and both personal and interpersonal change…using all four parts of the walnut!

Left-brain information, understanding and language, as well as right-brain interpersonal connecting and sharing with others, evoking and processing feelings, body-work, visualisation and future aspirations…as well as learning the skills to make and sustain real and lasting change – which starts with just one person who then creates a Ripple Effect which touches and changes all it meets.

That is my whole-brain vision and purpose. It drives my efforts and keeps me going in spite of opposition. Reptilian brains prefer to maintain the status quo and they avoid, dislike and even openly reject change. Fortunately I know, expect, and am starting to experience such opposition and rejection – which shows that a positive ripple has been detected even if not fully accepted by those stuck in only ‘part-brain’ functioning themselves.


By Maxine Harley (Msc Integrative Psychotherapy) www.maxineharley.com www.the-ripple-effect.co.uk www.qpp.uk.com



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