Here is a sample of some of the lovely comments received so far (from attendees at the in-person workshops – before I changed them into the current self-help format):-

 “I didn’t know there was so much to know about Anxiety! This workshop has really helped me to make sense of it and the role it’s been playing in my life….up until now that is! Now I have not only a clear understanding but I’ve also found out what I can do about it – without drugs and expensive gimmicks. GREAT!”

Sandra P

 “To my surprise this workshop on Depression was fun!! I didn’t know what to expect and I’m so pleased I  pushed myself to come along. I feel lighter just knowing more about it, as well as sharing my own experiences in the group – which is a first for me! I’m keen to do the Calm Down and think straight workshop now – it sounds just what I need next.”

Linda M

 “I’ve struggled to understand my weight problems for years. I knew it wasn’t all about calories and exercise! I’ve learnt so much today – I’m still taking it all in. A lovely group of people too which I needed. I can’t thank you enough”

Kate E

 “The workshop today was fun as well as very interesting. I have a new way of looking at my anxiety problem as well as new skills to tackle it….fantastic! The group of people was great too – we’re all wanting to do the Confidence group now, as well as the Understanding Yourself…..well most of the other workshops and groups actually…..one at a time though :-)”

Suzie R

 “I have to say that this workshop has really opened my eyes. It’s been great. Thanks. Therapy as such has never appealed to me, but I can now see that I do have stuff that was touched on today that I’d like to spend some more time on.”

David S

 “Being a therapy sceptic, this sort of group learning has been spot-on for me. A good mix of facts and information, along with private sharing of some of my own stuff but in a way that felt very comfortable for me. We had some laughs too!”

Ralph P

 “Thank you thank you thank you…..brilliant day…..a real help and not even expensive! Win win!”

Clare W

“I’ve had a great 4 hours – life changing in fact! I know that I’ll view my partner’s depression in a new light now, as well as realising how his problems were bringing me down too; so I’ve got something really good out of today for both of us – and for only £50. Amazing. Thanks.”

Roger F

“Nice venue, well presented, very interesting and informative as well as being very affordable, lovely bunch of people (who I know I’ll be keeping in touch with as we’re all going on to do some other stuff like this with you). It’s a great idea – wish I’d done it ages ago, it would have made so much difference both to my self-esteem and relationships!”

Maria R

Maxine Harley

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