Thank you for your interest in becoming a licensees for ‘The Ripple Effect’ Process programme of 10  Psycho-Emotional-Education workshops – which each empower people to live better and more rewarding lives.

Maxine Harley presents workshops from The Ripple Effect ProcessDo you want to offer people long-term benefits from working with you in the short term?

 It takes a certain type of person to be able to run interactive self-development groups.

We are keen to recruit the right kind of licensees to make a success of delivering ‘The Ripple Effect’ Process and all it promises.

As a Licensee you would certainly stand out from the tens of thousands of other counsellors, psychotherapists, coaches and trainers, by having so much more to offer people in your area.

You can save yourself hundreds of hours in research and preparation of your own workshops by having ‘ready-to-go’ modules from TREP.

10 workshops of psycho-emotional-education from The Ripple Effect Process Do you also want to attract a healthy profit from using high quality workshops in your own private practice?

We have proof of the earning potential from being a productive licensee for TREP (‘The Ripple Effect’ Process). The more you use the modules the greater the benefits – both for the people in your local area who will benefit from attending the workshops, and in the increased income for your own business. WIN-WIN!

Our modules have also been shown to quickly pay for themselves by attracting new clients.

There is a very affordable one-off Licensee Fee for each module.

You will receive a FREE marketing package, and additional materials. There are no targets or commission payable.

As a licensee you can then take out as many of the modules as you wish. You can build up your selection of modules in your own time and at your own pace. The more modules you have the greater the benefit to people in your designated location, and to your business!

Please send me the completed application form below, and I’ll send you the full information pack by e-mail – to show you how TREP could fit into your existing business, and the great additional benefits and services you’ll then have to offer.



Someone who is licensed by the company to present the modules of TREP to the public. The 10 modules are the ‘Intellectual Property’ of Maxine Harley and S.E.L.E.C.T. Your Life Company.

Thay can only be used by someone who has signed a proper licence agreement. This agreement clarifies and defines what the licensee has the scope to do, and the company asserts its right to protect its confidential information from being used by unauthorised and unethical people. Licensees have a designated territory in which to use the modules with the general public only – not for SME businesses, or larger companies/corporations



If you want to integrate the modules of ‘The Ripple Effect’ Process into your professional business services then please have a look at this profile – and if you ‘fit the bill’ please complete and send me the application form below.

  • Are you a qualified counsellor, psychotherapist, coach or trainer who belongs to a recognised professional body? 
  • Do you already have, or are you building up your own business – with its own website?
  • Do you understand the value of Psycho-Emotional-Education, and have a desire to include this in your work?
  • Do you have experience of teaching/tutoring small groups of adults?
  • Are you a clear, effective and confident communicator?
  • Do you have a good business head on your shoulders?
  • Are you warm-natured, humorous, open-minded, creative and spiritually-aware?
  • Do you have the enthusiasm, time and energy for this project?
  • Are you willing and able to promote yourself and your business?
  • Can you arrange a low-cost yet suitable professional room to accommodate workshop attendees?
  • Are you established in your area and have plenty of local contacts you can tap in to?
  • Can you already see the marketing opportunities and potential? 

When you become a Licensee with us, you will have:-


  • The use of each module of TREP that you’ve purchased the licence for.
  • Permission to promote yourself as an authorised licensee within your designated area.
  • Listing on this website with a link to your own website.
  • Support from the company.
  • Marketing/advertising materials and guidance – relating to both online and offline marketing


If you are genuinely interested in finding out how ‘The Ripple Effect’ Process can add value to both your business and to your clients, the please complete the form below and I’ll be in touch to discuss things further with you.

At that time I will also send you more information about the many additional benefits of becoming a licensee.

Why I became a Licensee of ‘The Ripple Effect’.

“I have always been interested in running courses and workshops but never had the time to research and design my own so kept putting it off. Then I read about ‘The Ripple Effect’ in Therapy Today and decided to find out more.

Maxine Harley came all the way to meet me at my Counselling practice, showed me the modules and discussed in length all I needed to know about being a licensee. 

I was impressed with Maxine as a person and her warmth and kindness and willingness to make the whole process of becoming involved so easy.

The workshops are presented from my practice, so no further overheads there, and the material is not only interesting but written in such a way that all I really need to do is follow the process. It even has written down, the times where I should be in my presentation of these modules enabling me to keep to-time, great eh!

I started off with Understanding Anxiety and How To Balance Your Mind Body & Weight, and have now signed up for the Understanding Depression module.

I recruited attendees for the workshops through, friends, clients and students I had contact with. Through putting ads in free local papers, churches, colleges, schools and flyers in libraries and other areas that allow and encourage community helping supports such as these modules provide. Plus of course word of mouth which is fantastic.

What I find now though is those who have attended are eager to come on other workshop/courses I can provide because the material is clear, meets their needs and understanding and is affordable to them. My only problem now is can I keep up with demand!”



“I have found the TREP modules an excellent addition to my private practice. My clients have found them very enjoyable and beneficial as an adjunct to individual therapy. I have also gained many new clients from attendance at the workshops. I have found TREP to be a very cost effective method of enhancing the quality and diversity of the services I provide. I also think I have learned a lot too! Thank you Maxine ;)”

 “The workshop went well…it seemed to take quite a good therapeutic discussional theme which seemed appropriate and helpful to myself too as well as the educational influence which worked well together. I really enjoyed it.”

 “You’ll be pleased to hear that I have successfully run my first workshop, Understanding Anxiety, last Tuesday. ..I was very pleased with how it went and it has been a welcome confidence boost to launch me on my way…and already have interest from those initial participants in attending more!”


“I held the split workshop on Monday and yesterday evening. It was the overcoming depression module. It went really well. I split the 2 hours as it is in book and it worked out really good.”

“I love taking the modules so much it’s great. I feel that I personally really benefit from the interactions of the group etc. The attendees really enjoyed it too and are keen to try more. I would like to go ahead and set up the DD option with you for all of the modules!”

 “I really love doing the workshops Maxine they are great and my clients love them x”

 “I found running the module (Understanding Anxiety) exciting- it was good to connect with people in a different way to counselling. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself even though I was anxious!”



For more information please e-mail

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Any personal 1:1 therapy – when and for how long?

Your hobbies and interests – any devout religious beliefs?

How long have you been in private practice and where is this situated?

Usual average caseload numbers and whether your work is generic or specialised.

Are you working full or part-time? How many hours can you devote to ‘The Ripple Effect’ Process? (there is no expectation from you of any specific time commitment here, just a curiosity of how you might integrate TREP modules into your business and whether you have the time and energy to do this.)

Any history of running workshops or small groups or of teaching or mentoring small groups?

What professional room do you have access to that is a suitable size and has facilities for a professional workshop?

Any questions you have at this stage?

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