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* Be a better, calmer and more positive parent?

* Enjoy happier relationships with your partner, family, friends and colleagues?

* Understand yourself – who you are, and why you behave as you do?

* Improve and control your emotions and moods?

* Have higher self-esteem and more confidence in a variety of settings?

* To be able to handle difficult people?

* Control your mind, body and weight?

* Find out how to maintain your own levels of happiness and success?

Would you like to share these ‘life-changing’ experiences within a small group of 3-5 other like-minded people – who also want the benefits of a straightforward, informative, comprehensive, holistic, highly effective and yet inexpensive approach – one which saves the time and expense of many months of ongoing counselling therapy?

YES?… Great! Then ‘The Ripple Effect’ Process is for you! 

  • Maybe you’re someone who’d never even consider having therapy for your personal, family or relationship problems.
  • Perhaps you’ve tried counselling therapy and it just didn’t work for you; or you realise that you still want and need something more that gives you a way of really understanding yourself and other people.

‘The Ripple Effect’ Process is a new and very effective way to improve your psychological, emotional and physical health… and to take your life to a new level!

  • TREP consists of 12 Psycho-Emotional-Education modules which offer you a new ‘whole-brain and holistic’ approach – instead of the narrow focus of existing therapeutic approaches.
  • Our 12 ‘modules’ are six workshops and six 8-week/16 hour courses. 
  • Each of these will give you the knowledge, insight and skills to make real and far-reaching changes to your life – without months or years of counselling therapy or coaching.
  • Our six workshops (4 hours each) help you with AnxietyDepression – AngerHow To Balance Your Mind, Body and Weight – How to Calm Down & Think Straight - and How To Play & Have Fun.
  • Our six courses(8 weeks/16 hours total) help you to improve your Confidence & Self-Esteem - to understand Yourself and your Relationships - increase your Happiness – and help you to explore and understand your deeper Sub-personalities and Inner Child.  

That’s a whole lot of help! 

  • You can take as many or as few of the TREP modules as you wish – they are all the same low price of only£12.50 an hour to attend! 
  • One four-hour workshop costs only £50 – about the same as only one session of counselling – and yet you will learn SO much more… and probably make some new friends, and have fun in the process!
  • All modules are for a maximum of six people to attend – because research shows that the best way to learn and to make effective changes is within a small safe group of people with a similar interest and purpose.

For more information please see our About page as well as the pages which each describe our modules in greater detail.

(Trumpet Blowing Time!) – TREP has received many great reviews and amazing feedback… including “Life-changing!”…”Wonderful”… “Fantastic” … “Excellent” … “Fascinating”. I hope you’ll agree… and then let me and lots of other people know that too!

Please see the Testimomials page for just a few of our testimonials;  and see www.amazon.co.uk for some great 5* reviews of the book ‘The Ripple Effect’ Process – an introduction to Psycho-Emotional-Education

As a person learns more about themselves they change the ways in which they think feel and behave. The people they relate with will then also be changed in response… and so ‘The Ripple Effect’ grows and spreads wider.

“..changing how we perceive ourselves, through learning and understanding, can have a very real impact on how we interact with others and how we conduct our daily lives….the first step involves learning.”

(H.H. Dalai Lama)

“No matter what activity or practice we are pursuing, there isn’t anything that isn’t made easier through familiarity and training. Through training, we can change; we can transform ourselves.”

 (Howard Cutler & H.H. Dalai Lama)

 “Self knowledge lies at the root of mental health.”

 (Neville Symington)